What Is Ordinar, Express And Series Bets

What Is Ordinar, Express And Series Bets

Every bettor has his own style of play. Some are more suited to single bets, others to spreads, and some are successful at series betting. Together with 1win Chile, we will tell you about each type of bet and its peculiarities. We will also try to find out which type of bet is less prone to risk of loss.

What Are Ordinals

An order is a single bet on a single match, the winnings from which are determined by multiplying the bet amount by the odds. For first-time 1win bettors, this type of bet seems to be the most attractive.

For example, in the match “Juventus – Inter” you decided to bet 10000 pesos on the victory of Juventus. The experts at 1 win offer this outcome with odds of 2.0. If Juventus wins, you get 20000 pesos (10000 x 2 = 20000), if they lose, you lose 10000 pesos.

The pros of ordinaries:

  • Ease of mastery;
  • Favourable odds;
  • There are almost no restrictions on odds;
  • More likely to win;
  • Smaller margin 1win bet.

Minuses of the ordinaries:

  • Low winnings compared to expresses and series;
  • More suitable for casual play, as they have a negligible effect on bankroll growth.

What Are Expresses

Expresses are a combination of several orders in one bet, if at least one order from the express loses, the whole bet loses. The winning odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all the orders in the expression.

It’s simple, for example, you’re going to make an express of three matches. 1win online offers odds of 3.0 for each individual team you have selected to win. The total odds of your bet will be 27.0 (3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 27).

It goes without saying that each time you add an order to an expression, the total odds increase, but the probability of winning decreases.

Often newcomers 1win apuestas make their first expresses of matches with small odds, which should definitely win. The overall odds are quite high, but the probability that all events will be played is extremely low. Small odds are not a guarantee of an unconditional victory, favourites also lose. And it happens much more often than it seems to a beginner, who due to little experience does not see the whole picture. Therefore, expresses of a large number of “100% options” with low odds are the way to regular losses of your personal bank.

Pros of Expressions:

  • Noticeably high winnings in comparison with ordinals;
  • More excitement and adrenaline than conventional betting.

Minuses of Expressions:

  • The margin of 1 win betting is higher, which increases in the same way as the total odds of the expression increases, i.e. when each additional event is added, the margin of the betting site increases as well;
  • High risk of losing, which grows with each added match;
  • Limitations in outcomes. All betting sites cut down the list of available outcomes for express bets.

Betting On The Series

What Is Ordinar, Express And Series Bets

Series is a bet on the victory or defeat of a team in the championship (series). The meaning is simple, if the selected team wins the series or goes further in the championship, you win. 

It is not uncommon for beginners to make expresses or orders only based on the odds, believing that the favourite team will easily win. This approach is more like playing at 1win casino. You can’t do that in a series. There are many factors to consider for such bets, namely:

  • What kind of shape the team is in;
  • What is her motivation and psychological state;
  • How the team played “home” and “away”;
  • Statistics of matches against certain teams, etc.

There’s a lot going on in the series and you have to take that into account. It’s a great place to develop your analytical skills. In series, you can often find value in the underdogs that players who bet based on odds alone won’t notice.

Tips 1win casa de apuestas for betting on the series:

  • Do some in-depth analysis, the more information you can gather on the series, the more accurate the prediction you can make;
  • Evaluate the risks, do not chase the best odds, determine the odds that are right for you. Take into account the losses that may be incurred in case of a loss;
  • Take a versatile approach. Don’t make the same bets on the minimum difference or the total. Analyse the teams in the series, try different options, but within your bankroll.


Let’s summarise this 1win review of betting types. If punters won all the time, the express would be the best type of bet. But you can’t win all the time. So choose the type of bet based on your goals. If you want to have fun and watch a match of your favourite team, then a single will be a great choice to make the viewing experience more exciting. In expresses, take into account the profitability on the distance, your rate should be in the region of 5-7%. If you’re a fan of painstaking analysis, go for series bets.